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The Fall Up

Author : Aly Martinez
ISBN : 1518711391
Genre : Celebrities
File Size : 64. 6 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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I wanted to jump. He made me fall. As a celebrity, I lived in the public eye, but somewhere along the way, I'd lost myself in the spotlight. Until he found me. Sam Rivers was a gorgeous, tattooed stranger who saved my life with nothing more than a simple conversation. But we were both standing on that bridge for a reason the night we met. The secrets of our pasts brought us together-and then tore us apart. Could we find a reason to hold on as life constantly pulled us down? Or maybe there's only one direction to go when two people fall in love at rock bottom-up.

Fall Mixed Up

Author : Robert Raczka
ISBN : 9780761362159
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 78. 30 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"Every September,Every October,Fall fills my senses with scenes to remember." "Bears gather nuts.Geese hibernate.Squirrels fly south in big figure eights."Fall is all mixed up in this silly book from Bob Raczka! Can you find his mistakes in the words and pictures?

Why Doesn T The Earth Fall Up

Author : Vicki Cobb
ISBN : 0590487531
Genre : Motion
File Size : 85. 93 MB
Format : PDF
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Answers nine questions about motion, explaining Newton's Laws of Motion, gravity, centrifugal force, and other principles of movement.

Before The Fall

Author : Noah Hawley
ISBN : 9781444779783
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 56. 42 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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From the creator of the award winning FARGO and LEGION TV series. Winner of the 2017 Edgar Award for Best Novel Sunday Times top thriller read of the year 2016 'Hawley explores the discord between fame and reality, and the extent to which the media distorts the truth, themes that couldn't be more relevant in Trump's America' Observer 'An addictive thriller' The Sunday Times A private jet plunges into the sea. The only survivors are down-on his luck artist Scott Burroughs and JJ Bateman, the four year old son of a super-rich TV executive. For saving the boy, Scott is suddenly a hero. And then, as the official investigation is rapidly overtaken by a media frenzy, it seems he may also be a villain. Why was he on the plane in the first place, and why did it crash?

After The Fall

Author : Suzanne Somers
ISBN : 0609603124
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 81. 83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The actress looks back on the rise and fall of her television career and her return to success

A Peace To End All Peace

Author : David Fromkin
ISBN : 1429988525
Genre : History
File Size : 76. 98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Published with a new afterword from the author—the classic, bestselling account of how the modern Middle East was created The Middle East has long been a region of rival religions, ideologies, nationalisms, and ambitions. All of these conflicts—including the hostilities between Arabs and Israelis, and the violent challenges posed by Iraq's competing sects—are rooted in the region's political inheritance: the arrangements, unities, and divisions imposed by the Allies after the First World War. In A Peace to End All Peace, David Fromkin reveals how and why the Allies drew lines on an empty map that remade the geography and politics of the Middle East. Focusing on the formative years of 1914 to 1922, when all seemed possible, he delivers in this sweeping and magisterial book the definitive account of this defining time, showing how the choices narrowed and the Middle East began along a road that led to the conflicts and confusion that continue to this day. A new afterword from Fromkin, written for this edition of the book, includes his invaluable, updated assessment of this region of the world today, and on what this history has to teach us.

The Fall Of The Faculty

Author : Benjamin Ginsberg
ISBN : 9780199831470
Genre : Education
File Size : 60. 48 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Until very recently, American universities were led mainly by their faculties, which viewed intellectual production and pedagogy as the core missions of higher education. Today, as Benjamin Ginsberg warns in this eye-opening, controversial book, "deanlets"--administrators and staffers often without serious academic backgrounds or experience--are setting the educational agenda. The Fall of the Faculty examines the fallout of rampant administrative blight that now plagues the nation's universities. In the past decade, universities have added layers of administrators and staffers to their payrolls every year even while laying off full-time faculty in increasing numbers--ostensibly because of budget cuts. In a further irony, many of the newly minted--and non-academic--administrators are career managers who downplay the importance of teaching and research, as evidenced by their tireless advocacy for a banal "life skills" curriculum. Consequently, students are denied a more enriching educational experience--one defined by intellectual rigor. Ginsberg also reveals how the legitimate grievances of minority groups and liberal activists, which were traditionally championed by faculty members, have, in the hands of administrators, been reduced to chess pieces in a game of power politics. By embracing initiatives such as affirmative action, the administration gained favor with these groups and legitimized a thinly cloaked gambit to bolster their power over the faculty. As troubling as this trend has become, there are ways to reverse it. The Fall of the Faculty outlines how we can revamp the system so that real educators can regain their voice in curriculum policy.

Falling Up

Author : Dana Liesegang
ISBN : 9781401949631
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 60. 83 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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From the time Dana Liesegang could walk, she was out looking for adventure, and she never stopped. As a fearless child in the Pacific Northwest, she climbed trees, caught frogs, and held her own with any boy in town. She brought that true-grit, fire-in-her-belly attitude to the Navy . . . and to her recovery from the unthinkable. At the age of 19, she was sexually assaulted by a fellow sailor and thrown off a cliff, left for dead. She survived—but woke up in a hospital hours later paralyzed from the neck down, with doctors giving no hope for recovery. They underestimated the spirit and stubbornness of their patient. In Falling Up: My Wild Ride from Victim to Kick-Ass Victory, Dana recounts her agonizing and sometimes comical struggle from total dependence to doing the “impossible”: walking again. With equal parts humor and rawness, she brings us along on her wild ride, as she navigates her new world, hurtles through rocky relationships, deals with family secrets, and returns to her love of sports and the outdoors. In the process, she learns the importance of forgiveness, discovers the awe-inspiring power of belief and perseverance, and transforms herself from silent victim to outspoken advocate and inspiration for people everywhere. After all, sometimes an unexpected fall can lead a person to reach for magnificent heights.

Falling Up

Author : Melody Carlson
ISBN : 9780307562999
Genre : Young Adult Fiction
File Size : 83. 16 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Answer Girl Has a Zillion Questions. And Zero Answers Kim Peterson, the Just Ask Jamie “answer girl” is about plum out of them. As if losing her mother to cancer wasn’t enough, the hits just keep coming. Now living with Kim and her father, her aunt and cousin bicker nonstop. Dating Matthew is about as unpredictable as can be. Her dad’s out of a job. Her prayers go unanswered. And her best friend Natalie loses her virginity to Benjamin O’Conner, Caitlin’s brother! And—p.s.—now she’s pregnant! When the world turns upside down, and Kim is about to fall apart, can she perhaps fall up? Straight into the arms of the One who loves her through the madness of life? Friday, June 7 I think I’m having a serious meltdown here. It’s like I’m unable to reason, I can’t think straight, and I can’t get my feelings under control. Even my prayers are pathetic, just hopeless cries for help, with no faith involved. I’m a mess. How much stress can a girl take? Kim Peterson’s mom has just died. Her visiting relatives bicker constantly. Her dad is lost in a fog of grief. Her boyfriend, Matthew, can’t decide what to do after graduation. And Kim’s best friend Nat just can’t seem to get over being dumped by Ben O’Conner, Caitlin’s younger brother. More than anything, Kim wishes her mom were here to tell her everything’s going to be okay. But that’s not going to happen. When Kim reaches the breaking point, her dad sends her off to her grandmother’s house in small-town Florida, where she’s able to slow down, feed the gators, and realize that she’s not indispensable...only God is! And instead of falling apart, she can fall up...into His arms. Reader’s guide included Story Behind the Book “My teenage years remain vivid in my mind. It was a turbulent time full of sharp contrasts—love and hate, pain and pleasure, trust and doubt. Then, just as I reached my peak of questioning, rebelling, and seeking, I found God. And I found Him in a really big way! My life turned completely around and has, thankfully, never turned back. Hopefully this story will touch and change hearts—speaking to teen girls right where they live, reminding readers that God is alive and well and ready to be intimately involved in their lives right now!” —Melody Carlson From the Trade Paperback edition.

The People Who Fall Up

Author : aaron vivian
ISBN : 9781365051951
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 56. 94 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Victoria, a first-year teacher at Wilson School, is excited to finally show her family and friends the plans for the foundation she has started. But that chance is cut short when a shooter comes into her school, killing her and eleven others. No one could have seen this massacre coming, but what startles the victims most is that they fall up onto the ceiling of the school the moment their last breath leaves their lips. Some of them had big hopes for the future. Others made decisions while they were alive that they must now spend the rest of eternity with. One of the few things they got to bring with them when they fell-up were their memories. Both the happy ones, as well as the ones that are painful to think about. One thing all the ceiling-walkers have in common, though, is endless amounts of time to come to grips with their premature deaths. But eventually Victoria and the others must realize they can't stay on the ceiling of their school forever. At some point they must kiss the earth goodbye...

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