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The Resurrection Of The Son Of God

Author : Nicholas Thomas Wright
ISBN : 0800636155
Genre : Religion
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Why did Christianity begin, and why did it take the shape it did? To answer this question -- which any historian must face -- renowned New Testament scholar N. T. Wright focuses on the key points: what precisely happened at Easter? What did the early Christians mean when they said that Jesus of Nazareth had been raised from the dead? What can be said today about this belief? This book, third in Wright's series Christian Origins and the Question of God, sketches a map of ancient beliefs about life after death, in both the Greco-Roman and Jewish worlds. It then highlights the fact that the early Christians' belief about the afterlife belonged firmly on the Jewish spectrum, while introducing several new mutations and sharper definitions. This, together with other features of early Christianity, forces the historian to read the Easter narratives in the gospels, not simply as late rationalizations of early Christian spirituality, but as accounts of two actual events: the empty tomb of Jesus and his "appearances." How do we explain these phenomena? The early Christians' answer was that Jesus had indeed been bodily raised from the dead; that was why they hailed him as the messianic "son of God." No modern historian has come up with a more convincing explanation. Facing this question, we are confronted to this day with the most central issues of the Christian worldview and theology.

Son Of God

Author : Roma Downey
ISBN : 9781455585922
Genre : Fiction
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The book Son of God is a tie-in with the major motion picture of the same title, slated for wide theatrical release (through 20th-Century Fox) on February 28, 2014. Like the movie, the book possesses an epic scope, providing a panoramic picture of first-century Judea as it recounts the events and reveals the meaning of Jesus's life, death, and resurrection. Though based on New Testament accounts, including the four Gospels as well as the book of Acts, Son of God reads like a contemporary novel, delving deeply into the character of Jesus and the personalities and motives all of those who surround him, both his followers and his enemies. Even minor Gospel characters (Mary Magdelene, the servant Malchus, the Jewish elder Nicodemus) come vividly to life in the book, and its portrayal of the political machinations behind Jesus's trial and death-the contest for power between the Roman governor Pontius Pilate and the high priest Caiaphas-is especially engaging. Beyond depicting the historical milieu in which Jesus lived, Son of God deftly explains the customs and culture of the Jewish people and the Roman officials and soldiers who oppress them, enhancing readers' understanding of the biblical record. In its final part, the book extends the Christian story past Jesus's resurrection to show how Jesus's followers, impassioned by their faith, began spreading his message of salvation throughout the wider world. Grittily realistic, Son of God pulls no punches in conveying the harsh realities of Jesus's era. But it is also inspirational, showing how Jesus transformed the lives of the humble and the powerful alike-and conveying Jesus's message of comfort and hope to present-day readers.

King And Messiah As Son Of God

Author : Adela Yarbro Collins
ISBN : 9780802807724
Genre : Religion
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This book traces the history of the idea that the king and later the messiah is Son of God, from its origins in ancient Near Eastern royal ideology to its Christian appropriation in the New Testament. Both highly regarded scholars, Adela Yarbro Collins and John J. Collins argue that Jesus was called "the Son of God" precisely because he was believed to be the messianic king. This belief and tradition, they contend, led to the identification of Jesus as preexistent, personified Wisdom, or a heavenly being in the New Testament canon. However, the titles Jesus is given are historical titles tracing back to Egyptian New Kingdom ideology. Therefore the title "Son of God" is likely solely messianic and not literal. King and Messiah as Son of God is distinctive in its range, spanning both Testaments and informed by ancient Near Eastern literature and Jewish noncanonical literature.

The Incarnation Of The Son Of God

Author : Charles Gore
ISBN : STANFORD:36105020077629
Genre : Incarnation
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Jesus The Son Of God

Author : D. A. Carson
ISBN : 9781433537998
Genre : Religion
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Although it is a foundational confession for all Christians, much of the theological significance of Jesus’s identity as “the Son of God” is often overlooked or misunderstood. Moreover, this Christological concept stands at the center of today’s Bible translation debates and increased ministry efforts to Muslims. New Testament scholar D. A. Carson thus sheds light on this important issue with his usual exegetical clarity and theological insight, first by broadly surveying Jesus’s biblical name as “the Son of God”, and then by focusing on two key texts that speak of Christ’s sonship. The book concludes with the implications of Jesus’s divine sonship for how modern Christians think and speak about Christ, especially in relation to Bible translation and missionary engagement with Muslims across the globe.

The Son Of Man As The Son Of God

Author : Seyoon Kim
ISBN : 3161447050
Genre : Religion
File Size : 21. 8 MB
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Emmanuel Or The Incarnation Of The Son Of God The Foundation Of Immutable Truth

Author : Michael Ferrebee Sadler
ISBN : OXFORD:600085968
Genre : Atonement
File Size : 25. 83 MB
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Christ The Son Of God The Great Subject Of A Gospel Ministry Opened And Recommended

Author : John Guyse
ISBN : OXFORD:N11719525
Genre :
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Queries And Observations Relating To The Divinity Of The Son Of God

Author : Titus Knight
ISBN : OXFORD:N11697078
Genre :
File Size : 71. 17 MB
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Is Jesus The Son Of God

Author : P.Zainul Abideen
ISBN : 9781311394866
Genre : Religion
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In the name of the Lord, The most Merciful and Beneficent. Jesus was a Prophet and one of those reformists who propagated that Allah is the one and only God whom alone men should worship. So do the Quran and the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) describe Jesus. Therefore it is obligatory on the Muslims to believe it. Christians, who have faith in Jesus and believe him as the God and ‘the son of God’ as well, worship him as much. What exactly is the inference regarding the status of Jesus whom the two great religions of the world believe in? It is indeed our right and duty too, to analyse and discern the truth. It is especially so at such a juncture of the century when Christians are earnestly endeavouring to goad the Muslims to believe that Jesus is undoubtedly the ‘son of God’ by interpreting to their own end the various Quranic verses where Jesus is being eulogized by God. A scrutiny of the Bible and the Quran without prejudice will convince even those with inadequate knowledge of the two great scriptures, that there cannot be a son of God. While there are ample evidences leading to such a decisive conclusion, the Christian brethren who are misled by the clergy, believe in the theory of ‘Son of God’ thereby forgoing the chance to attain salvation in the hereafter. By quoting freely from the Bible itself, I have brought to light the fact that Jesus is not the ‘Son of God’ but on the other hand he was one of the great Prophets of god. The Christian brethren who peruse this book unbiasedly without any like or dislike whatsoever, will certainly discern the truth that Jesus was a saintly Prophet of God. I do therefore hope and pray that they will no more consider him as God or ‘Son of God’ Amen!

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