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Risk Aware

Author : Amelia C. Gormley
ISBN : 1626494126
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 56. 60 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Tattoo artist Geoff Gilchrest is convinced his life is some sort of cosmic joke. Why else would a hemophiliac also be a masochist? He's given himself more than one elbow bleed since puberty just doing what guys do when alone and bored, so forget about whips and chains. How many partners would contemplate playing with someone even a mild flogging could kill? Gallery owner Robin Brady knows he can deliver what Geoff needs: to be taken to the edge of danger but never beyond. But Robin came to Saugatuck to get away from the leather scene and heal from a betrayal by his former sub, so he's not sure he should get involved with Geoff. His ambivalence isn't helped by the fact that Geoff's unwillingness to communicate about his well-being hits Robin in some very raw places. Geoff's hemophilia isn't the obstacle he thinks it is. Instead, a lack of trust-on both their parts-is what could end them before they have a chance to begin.

Enterprise Risk Management

Author : John Fraser
ISBN : 9780470499085
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 31. 47 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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If you want to understand enterprise risk management (ERM) from some of the leading academics and practitioners of this exciting new methodology, Enterprise Risk Management—part of the Robert W. Kolb Series in Finance—is the book for you. Through in-depth insights into what practitioners of this evolving business practice are actually doing as well as anticipating what needs to be taught on the topic, John Fraser and Betty Simkins have sought out the leading experts in this field to clearly explain what enterprise risk management is and how you can teach, learn, and implement these leading practices within the context of your business activities. With this book, the authors take a broad view of risk management, or what is generally called a holistic approach to ERM. Enterprise Risk Management introduces you to a wide range of concepts and techniques for managing risk in a holistic way that correctly identifies risks and prioritizes the appropriate responses. This invaluable guide offers a broad overview of the different techniques: the role of the board, risk tolerances, risk profiles, risk workshops, and allocation of resources, while focusing on the principles that determine business success. This comprehensive resource also provides a thorough introduction to enterprise risk management as it relates to credit, market, and operational risk, as well as the evolving requirements of the rating agencies and their importance to overall risk management in a corporate setting. Filled with helpful exhibits and examples, Enterprise Risk Management offers a wealth of knowledge on the drivers, techniques, and benefits involved in successfully implementing enterprise risk management. Chapter by chapter, this book: Discusses the history of risk management and more recently developed enterprise risk management practices, and how you can prudently implement these techniques within the context of your underlying business activities Provides coverage of topics such as the role of the chief risk officer, the use of anonymous voting technology, and risk indicators and their role in risk management Explores the culture and practices of enterprise risk management without getting bogged down by the mathematics surrounding the more conventional approaches to financial risk management This informative guide will put the evolving methodology of enterprise risk management—which has been described as a proxy for good management—in perspective and help you unlock its incredible potential.

Driven To Perform

Author : Nenshad Bardoliwalla
ISBN : 0978921895
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 44. 71 MB
Format : PDF
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Providing a comprehensive tour of performance management methods and software applications, this resource contains the overview of the process, technology, and people issues in the field, along with hands-on recommendations for specific business areas.

Stochastic Programming Approaches For Risk Aware Supply Chain Network Design Problems

Author : Stefan Nickel
ISBN : OCLC:837761114
Genre :
File Size : 61. 17 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Fundamentals Of Risk Management

Author : Paul Hopkin
ISBN : 9780749479626
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 31. 21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Fundamentals of Risk Management, now in its fourth edition, is a comprehensive introduction to commercial and business risk for students and a broad range of risk professionals. Providing extensive coverage of the core frameworks of business continuity planning, enterprise risk management and project risk management, this is the definitive guide to dealing with the different types of risk an organization faces. With relevant international case examples from both the private and public sectors, this revised edition of Fundamentals of Risk Management is completely aligned to ISO 31000 and provides a full analysis of changes in contemporary risk areas including supply chain, cyber risk, risk culture and improvements in risk management documentation and statutory risk reporting. This new edition of Fundamentals of Risk Management has been fully updated to reflect the development of risk management standards and practice, in particular business continuity standards, regulatory developments, risks to reputation and the business model, changes in enterprise risk management (ERM), loss control and the value of insurance as a risk management method. Also including a thorough overview of the international risk management standards and frameworks, strategy and policy, this book is the definitive professional text for risk managers.

Enterprise Risk Management In International Construction Operations

Author : Xianbo Zhao
ISBN : 9789812875495
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 86. 26 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book provides readers an understanding of the implementation of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) for international construction operations. In an extended case study, it primarily focuses on Chinese construction firms (CCFs) based in Singapore. In this regard, the book explains the differences and similarities between Risk Management (RM), Project Risk Management (PRM) and ERM in the construction industry, and examines their linkages for international construction operations in a broader context. The explanation elaborates on how companies may adopt and implement RM, PRM and ERM as appropriate in their various operations, both in their home market as well as in overseas host markets. The book also reviews the whole spectrum of work relating to organizational behavior (OB) as one of the key underpinnings for companies to evaluate and implement ERM. It will benefit practitioners from the industry as well as academics interested in the implementation of ERM practices in international construction operations.

Safety Risk Awareness And Exploration In Reinforcement Learning

Author : Teodor Mihai Moldovan
ISBN : OCLC:957712913
Genre :
File Size : 73. 67 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Replicating the human ability to solve complex planning problems based on minimal prior knowledge has been extensively studied in the field of reinforcement learning. Algorithms for discrete or approximate models are supported by theoretical guarantees but the necessary assumptions are often constraining. We aim to extend these results in the direction of practical applicability to more realistic settings. Our contributions are restricted to three specific aspects of practical problems that we believe to be important when applying reinforcement learning techniques: risk awareness, safe exploration and data efficient exploration. Risk awareness is important in planning situations where restarts are not available and performance depends on one-off returns rather than average returns. The expected return is no longer an appropriate objective because the law of large numbers does not apply. In Chapter 2 we propose a new optimization objective for risk-aware planning and show that it has desirable theoretical properties, relating it to previously proposed risk-aware objectives: minmax, exponential utility, percentile and mean minus variance. In environments with uncertain dynamics, exploration is often necessary to improve performance. Existing reinforcement learning algorithms provide theoretical exploration guarantees, but they tend to rely on the assumption that any state is eventually reachable from any other state by following a suitable policy. For most physical systems this assumption is impractical as the systems would break before any reasonable exploration has taken place. In Chapter 3 we address the need for a safe exploration method. In Chapter 4 we address the specific challenges presented by extending model-based reinforcement learning methods from discrete to continuous dynamical systems. System representations based on explicitly enumerated states are not longer applicable. To address this challenge we use a Dirichlet process mixture of linear models to represent dynamics. The proposed model strikes a good balance between compact representation and flexibility. To address the challenge of efficient exploration-exploitation trade-off we apply the principle of Optimism in the Face of Uncertainty that underlies numerous other provably efficient algorithms in simpler settings. Our algorithm reduces the exploration problem to a sequence of classical optimal control problems. Synthetic experiments illustrate the effectiveness of our methods.

Security Leader Insights For Risk Management

Author : Richard Chase
ISBN : 9780128009048
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 24. 64 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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How do you, as a busy security executive or manager, stay current with evolving issues, familiarize yourself with the successful practices of your peers, and transfer this information to build a knowledgeable, skilled workforce the times now demand? With Security Leader Insights for Risk Management, a collection of timeless leadership best practices featuring insights from some of the nation’s most successful security practitioners, you can. This book can be used as a quick and effective resource to bring your security staff up to speed on security’s role in risk management. Instead of re-inventing the wheel when faced with a new challenge, these proven practices and principles will allow you to execute with confidence knowing that your peers have done so with success. Part one looks at the risk assessment and subtopics such as compliance, using risk assessments to increase security’s influence, and risk indicator dashboards. Part two discusses risk management topics such as board-level risk, global risk, risk appetite, and enterprise risk management (ERM). Security Leader Insights for Risk Management is a part of Elsevier’s Security Executive Council Risk Management Portfolio, a collection of real-world solutions and "how-to" guidelines that equip executives, practitioners, and educators with proven information for successful security and risk management programs. Each chapter can be read in five minutes or less, and is written by or contains insights from experienced security leaders. Can be used to find illustrations and examples you can use to deal with a relevant issue. Brings together the diverse experiences of proven security leaders in one easy-to-read resource.

The Risk It Framework

Author : Information Systems Audit and Control Association
ISBN : 9781604201116
Genre : Information technology
File Size : 62. 36 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The Risk It Practitioner Guide

Author : Isaca
ISBN : 9781604201161
Genre : Information technology
File Size : 67. 78 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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