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Author : Pete Rawlik
ISBN : 9781597804790
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 68. 37 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Two Men. A Bitter Rivalry. And a Quarter-Century of Unspeakable Horrors. Herbert West's crimes against nature are well-known to those familiar with the darkest secrets of science and resurrection. Obsessed with finding a cure for mankind's oldest malady, death itself, he has experimented upon the living and dead, leaving behind a trail of monsters, mayhem, and madness. But the story of his greatest rival has never been told.Until now. Dr. Stuart Hartwell, a colleague and contemporary of West, sets out to destroy West by uncovering the secrets of his terrible experiments, only to become that which he initially despised: a reanimator of the dead. For more than twenty years, spanning the early decades of the twentieth century, the two scientists race each other to master the mysteries of life . . . and unlife. From the grisly battlefields of the Great War to the backwoods hills and haunted coasts of Dunwich and Innsmouth, from the halls of fabled Miskatonic University to the sinking of the Titanic, their unholy quests will leave their mark upon the world—and create monsters of them both. Reanimators is an epic tale of historical horror . . . in the tradition of Anno Dracula and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

The Weird Company

Author : Pete Rawlik
ISBN : 9781597805599
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 29. 82 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Shoggoths attack in this adrenaline-pumping novel set in the world of H. P. Lovecraft, where the horrors of the cosmos know no limits . . . It was in a way humanoid, as it stood on two legs and possessed two arms that ended in delicate digits that I would dare to call hands. Its skin was a pale blue, like the eggs of a robin, and curiously dry looking. The head was massive with a huge bulbous cranium, a large lipless mouth, and three blood red eyes that stared out at the world with nothing but hate.When it opened its mouth to speak it issued forth the most horrendous of sounds, something empty and hollow, like the wind blowing through a dead tree, and it made me cringe to hear it . . . The story of Dr. Hartwell (Reanimators) continues, but now he has company. Weird company: a witch, a changeling, a mad scientist, and a poet trapped in the form of a beast. These are not heroes but monsters . . . monsters to fight monsters. Their adventures rage across the globe, from the mountains and long-forgotten caves of Antarctica to the dimly lit backstreets of Innsmouth that still hold terrifying secrets. The unholy creatures released upon the world via the ill-fated Lake expedition to Antarctica must be stopped. And only the weird company stands in their way. Continuing in the fashion of Reanimators, The Weird Company finds Lovecraft expert Pete Rawlik taking some of the most well-known of H. P. Lovecraft’s creations and creating a true Frankenstein monster of a story—a tale more horrific than anything Lovecraft could have imagined . . . Skyhorse Publishing, under our Night Shade and Talos imprints, is proud to publish a broad range of titles for readers interested in science fiction (space opera, time travel, hard SF, alien invasion, near-future dystopia), fantasy (grimdark, sword and sorcery, contemporary urban fantasy, steampunk, alternative history), and horror (zombies, vampires, and the occult and supernatural), and much more. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller, a national bestseller, or a Hugo or Nebula award-winner, we are committed to publishing quality books from a diverse group of authors.

Herbert West Reanimator

Author : H. Lovecraft
ISBN : 9785457671942
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 57. 84 MB
Format : PDF
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The story is the first to mention Lovecraft's fictional Miskatonic University. It is also notable as one of the first depictions of zombies, as corpses arising, through scientific means, as animalistic, and uncontrollably violent creatures.

The Lurking Chronology

Author : Pete Rawlik
ISBN : 0692508902
Genre :
File Size : 81. 77 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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For decades, dedicated fans of H.P. Lovecraft have looked to his works and from them constructed chronologies and timelines of the stories and their events, with the most ambitious of these being Peter Cannon's The Chronology Out of Time (Necronomicon Press, 1986). Now, author Pete Rawlik (Reanimators, The Weird Company) presents the culmination of years of research. The Lurking Chronology is a detailed examination of the Cthulhu Mythos tales of August Derleth.Although based on Lovecraft's mythos, the fictitious universe derived by Derleth is distinctly different, interpreting the core events of Lovecraft's fiction in entirely different ways and engendering a wholly unique chronology. Fans of both authors will find this to be an indispensable volume in understanding and comparing the artificial universes these masters of the weird have created, and role playing enthusiasts will find it an incomparable resource for games in this distinct and dramatic setting.

Intellectual Property

Author : Roger D. Blair
ISBN : 0521540674
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 41. 46 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book addresses several aspects of the law and economics of intellectual property rights (IPRs) that have been underanalyzed in the existing literature. It begins with a brief overview of patents, trade secrets, copyrights, and trademarks, and the enforcement and licensing of IPRs, focusing on the remedies available for infringement (injunctions, various forms of damages, and damages calculation issues); the standard of care (strict liability versus an intent- or negligence-based standard); and the rules for determining standing to sue and joinder of defendant for IPR violations. The authors demonstrate that the core assumption of IPR regimes - that IPRs maximize certain social benefits over social costs by providing a necessary inducement for the production and distribution of intellectual products - have several important implications for the optimal design of remedies, the standard of care, and the law of standing and joinder.

Cthulhu Lives

Author : Tim Dedopulos
ISBN : 0957627149
Genre : Horror stories
File Size : 40. 30 MB
Format : PDF
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Seventeen cosmic horror stories with a modern sensibility. Featuring an afterword by Lovecraft scholar and biographer S. T. Joshi.

The Privileges

Author : Jonathan Dee
ISBN : 9781588369208
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 57. 97 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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BONUS: This edition contains a The Privileges discussion guide. Smart and socially gifted, Adam and Cynthia Morey are perfect for each other. With Adam’s rising career in the world of private equity, a beautiful home in Manhattan, gorgeous children, and plenty of money, they are, by any reasonable standard, successful. But for the Moreys, their future of boundless privilege is not arriving fast enough. As Cynthia begins to drift, Adam is confronted with a choice that will test how much he is willing to risk to ensure his family’s happiness and to recapture the sense that the only acceptable life is one of infinite possibility. The Privileges is an odyssey of a couple touched by fortune, changed by time, and guided above all else by their epic love for each other.


Author : James Moore
ISBN : 110113304X
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 49. 68 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Golden Cove today appears to be a charming New England seacoast town. But there are dark stories from decades past—when the town had a different name. Captain Joe Bierden’s heard them all—tall tales to entertain the tourists, he thinks. He doesn’t hesitate to hire his boat out to a research team eager to begin a month-long diving expedition. So no one is more surprised than Captain Joe with the—thing—that the team finds in an offshore underwater cave. Their first mistake is in bringing it ashore. Their second is believing it can't survive on land. Their third is thinking that it’s the only one of its kind…

Children Shouldn T Play With Dead Things

Author : Martina McAtee
ISBN : 0692498729
Genre :
File Size : 72. 97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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17 year old Ember Denning has made an art of isolating herself. She prefers the dead. She spends her days skipping school in old cemeteries and her nights hiding from her alcoholic father at the funeral home where she works. When her own father dies, Ember learns her whole life is a lie. Standing in the cemetery that's been her sanctuary, she's threatened by the most beautiful boy she's ever seen and rescued by two people who claim to be her family. They say she's special, that she has a supernatural gift like them...they just don't know exactly what it is. They take her to a small Florida town, where Ember's life takes a turn for the weird. She's living with her reaper cousins, an orphaned werewolf pack, a faery and a human genius. Ember's powers are growing stronger, morphing into something bigger than anything anybody anticipated. Ember has questions but nobody has answers. Nobody knows what she is. They only know her mysterious magical gift is trying to kill them and that beautiful dangerous boy from the cemetery may be the only thing standing between her and death. As Ember's talents are revealed so are the secrets her father hid and those in power who would seek to destroy her. What's worse, saving Ember has put her cousins in danger and turned her friend's lives upside down. Ember must learn to embrace her magic or risk losing the family she's pieced together.


Author : Stephen Cave
ISBN : 9780307884916
Genre : History
File Size : 38. 52 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A lively narrative citing the activities of historical figures and leading modern scientists demonstrates how the innate desire to live forever has contributed to humanity's most significant achievements in science, medicine, religion and art.

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