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Off Script

Author : Josh King
ISBN : 9781466878921
Genre : Political Science
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Donald Trump won election as the 45th President of the United States by studying American political stagecraft and learning what helped previous candidates succeed and doomed others to failure. A figure on the periphery of campaigns for decades, he glided down the Trump Tower escalator on June 16, 2015, declared his candidacy and took his place, permanently, as an actor in the country’s greatest spectacle. Twenty-eight years earlier, at the dawn of what Josh King calls “The Age of Optics” in OFF SCRIPT: An Advance Man’s Guide to White House Stagecraft, Campaign Spectacle and Political Suicide, Trump began to position himself for his eventual run for the Oval Office. Pictured at the foot of that same gilded escalator, he posed at the foot of that same escalator for a cover story profile in TIME magazine. “This Man May Turn You Green With Envy—Or Just Turn You Off,” read the first part of TIME’s headline in January 1989. “Flaunting It is the Game, and TRUMP is the name,” the headline concluded. The cover story came just after Massachusetts Governor Mike Dukakis lost in a landslide to Vice President George H.W. Bush, in part because Dukakis made the disastrous decision to ride in an M1A1 Abrams tank in Sterling Heights, Michigan less than two months before the election. Why did Dukakis make that ride, and why was it so deadly? Indeed, in each election that followed, why did George Bush, Bob Dole, Al Gore, John Kerry, John McCain and Mitt Romney make similar mistakes that cost them dearly at the polls? These are the questions that Josh King answers in OFF SCRIPT. King, who served as Director of Production in Bill Clinton’s White House and later was host of SiriusXM Satellite Radio’s long-running “Polioptics: The Theater of Politics,” brings readers on a wild ride over the last thirty years of the Age of Optics, from Ronald Reagan’s mastery of image to Barack Obama’s “Vanilla Presidency” to, ultimately, the faceoff between Hillary Clinton and Trump. As one of the White House’s most creative “advance men,” skilled at employing the tools to tell help tell the president’s daily story, and creating the scenes that the media can’t resist turning into news packages and front page photos, King pulls back the curtain on the behind-the-scenes alchemy of political stagecraft. King’s personal account, in-depth interviews, and detail-rich stories, and his unique angle on what drives headlines, makes news, and wins elections will serve as an indispensible companion to those keeping a close eye on the Trump presidency.

Off Script

Author : Cary Schmidt
ISBN : 1598941690
Genre :
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We all have a script for our lives. It resides in our minds and hearts--perhaps a good bit in our imaginations. Things are good in our script. But every now and then, God takes our lives off script. He reaches into our circumstances with events we would never choose. These unexpected adventures are often painful, uncomfortable, and scary. Off script times are pivotal, defining moments. If your world has gone awry, if your life is off script, this book will help you discover God's heart, God's joy, and God's truth in the fog of an uncertain reality. If your life hasn't gone off script, then these pages will prepare you for the moment that it does.

Going Off Script

Author : Giuliana Rancic
ISBN : 9780553446678
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 89. 55 MB
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A witty, warm, and inspiring memoir from the E News! host, Fashion Police panelist, red-carpet correspondent, author, and reality show star Giuliana Rancic. Giuliana Rancic is best known for interviewing A-listers on the red carpet and E! News, skewering their shocking style choices on Fashion Police, and giving viewers a front row seat to her marriage and family life on her reality show, Giuliana & Bill. What fans may not know is that she learned English from Eddie Murphy, got her American citizenship so she could be a beauty queen, and used to have a bad habit of stealing cars for fun. Giuliana bares this and so much more in her hilarious, warm, and inspiring memoir, Going Off Script. From a young age she dreamed of being a TV anchorwoman but, because of her inclination toward mischief and away from schoolwork, her path to her dream job was far from straight. After a fateful (and mortifying) encounter with the late Senator Ted Kennedy, she learned that Hollywood news was where she belonged. Thankfully for readers, this epiphany led her to a bounty of LA misadventures (featuring notables such as Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Russell Crowe) and an entertaining behind-the-scenes perspective on what our favorite celebrities are really like. In spite of her glamorous Hollywood life, however, Giuliana could not escape some rockier times, including her battles with infertility and breast cancer. Here, for the first time, she reveals the whole truth behind her well-publicized struggles, and the highly controversial decisions she had to make. And, of course, at the heart of it all are the two loves of her life who keep her strong through everything, her husband Bill and her son, Duke. Candid, funny, and poignant, Going Off Script is an autobiography that proves you don’t always have to follow the rules to get the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Off Script Therapy

Author : Luc Watelet
ISBN : 0997774118
Genre :
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This book is about how to heal using psychotherapy, not just remain on a maintenance program. As one of my mentors called it, it is about "real therapy." It is a book written with anyone interested in psychotherapy from the consumer of psychotherapy to the student, from the therapist to the educator, from the psychiatrist to the select group of people behind the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. I wrote this book for many reasons, the most important of which is I had several clients who had years if not decades of time spent in therapy with no changes in their well-being. But when they worked with me, it did not take long to see wonderful progress. Other therapists have had similar experiences but somehow we all remain in the alternative world of therapy. It is time that our work be included in all psychotherapy curriculum. So this is a book to give hope to those who have not had successes yet with therapy and to lay out the playing ground where healing is possible and nurtured. This is a book that offers the experience and the rationale to challenge accepted beliefs that hinder progress, for instance the belief that mental illness is a personality disorder. In my experience, mental illness is a hint on our journey that something needs attention and it points exactly where attention is needed. So, with that in mind, taking meds can only smooth out mental health challenges temporarily because our being will want to let us know where attention is needed and will find a way to bypass the effect of medication. Mental illness is not something to be ashamed of. Instead, it is the natural human experience given our ability to integrate life's experiences. This concept is not always easy to understand because we have been bombarded with a different perception. But the current cultural perception of mental illness leaves one powerless, whereas what I describe here is empowering and powerful. We have a choice in the world of psychotherapy today to continue to perfect the art of maintenance with psychotherapeutic drugs and avoid the real issues, or remember the art of healing. This book is a call for the second option which paves the way for a deeper harmony within the fragmented world of psychotherapy, a coming together of all healing and spiritual practices, and a deep understanding of our own human nature. This is one element toward peace in the world.

The Cheat Code

Author : Brian Wong
ISBN : 9781101904978
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 20. 53 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Have you ever noticed that there are certain people who seem to get ahead just a bit faster than everyone else? You know, the types who always seem to be a bit ahead of the curve, to get noticed a bit more, and to achieve their goals a bit more quickly than the rest of the pack? And have you ever noticed how much this small edge can matter, and the outsized impact it can have on the trajectory of their careers? Twenty-four year old entrepreneur Brian Wong is one of these people, having graduated from college by age 18, having raised $24 million in venture capital to start his own company before he turned 25, and having grown that company into a global mobile advertising giant in just 4 years. His secret? The Cheat Code. Wong believes that most people -- even creative people -- have a tendency to follow a script; to do things the way others do them simply because that way works. But therein lies the secret at the heart of the Cheat Code: anyone can easily shortcut his or her way to success, simply by going slightly off script; by doing things just a little differently from everyone else. Here, Wong unlocks the power of the Cheat Code through 71 bite-sized and virtually effortless short-cuts to get a leg up on the competition, garner attention for ourselves and our ideas, and accelerate our success. For example: Cheat #7: Don't Ask – Announce Cheat #16: Know Your Superpower! Cheat #32: Make Boldness Your Genius Cheat #47: Know Who's the Boss Cheat #49: Get a Trademark Haircut Cheat #51: Use Exclamation Points Cheat #55: Focus on What Won't Change Cheat #71: Imagine, What If? No matter where you aspire to go in your life or career, THE CHEAT CODE will help get you there - faster.

Off Script

Author : Melanie McNair
ISBN : OCLC:922557984
Genre :
File Size : 57. 26 MB
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A collection of short stories that explores themes of ambition, sexuality, marginalization, family, and success. The characters reflected on the pages here find themselves far off the plan they imagined, despite their best intentions to move in a straight line from dream to realization of their often lofty ambitions.

Spill Zone

Author : Scott Westerfeld
ISBN : 9781250164292
Genre : Young Adult Fiction
File Size : 63. 29 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The first volume of an original graphic novel series from New York Times--bestselling author Scott Westerfeld, illustrated by Alex Puvilland. Three years ago an event destroyed the small city of Poughkeepsie, forever changing reality within its borders. Uncanny manifestations and lethal dangers now await anyone who enters the Spill Zone. The Spill claimed Addison’s parents and scarred her little sister, Lexa, who hasn’t spoken since. Addison provides for her sister by photographing the Zone's twisted attractions on illicit midnight rides. Art collectors pay top dollar for these bizarre images, but getting close enough for the perfect shot can mean death—or worse. When an eccentric collector makes a million-dollar offer, Addison breaks her own hard-learned rules of survival and ventures farther than she has ever dared. Within the Spill Zone, Hell awaits—and it seems to be calling Addison's name.

Turning Texas Blue

Author : Mary Beth Rogers
ISBN : 9781466891715
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 52. 49 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In the 2014 midterm election, Democrats in Texas did not receive even 40 percent of the statewide vote; Republicans swept the tables both in Texas and nationally. But even after two decades of democratic losses, there is a path to turn Texas blue, argues Mary Beth Rogers - if Democrats are smart enough to see and follow it. Rogers is the last person to successfully campaign-manage a Democrat, Governor Ann Richards, to the statehouse in Austin. In a lively narrative, Rogers tells the story of how Texas moved so far to the right in such a short time and how Democrats might be able to move it back to the center. And, argues Rogers, that will mean a lot more of an effort than simply waiting for the state's demographics to shift even further towards Hispanics - a risky proposition at best. Rogers identifies a ten-point path for Texas Democrats to win at the statewide level and to build a base vote that would allow Texas to become a swing-vote player in national politics once again. One part of that shift starts with local Democratic candidates in local Republican communities making the connection between controversial local issues or problems and the statewide Republican policies that ignore or create them. For example, in a 2014 election in Denton-a Republican suburb-voters approved Texas's first ban on hydraulic fracking. The next day, though, a Republican Texas agency official announced that Texas would not honor the town's vote to ban. No democratic candidate picked up the issue. Change won't come easily, argues Rogers. But if Texas shifts to even a pale shade of purple, it changes everything in American politics today.

Little Women

Author : Louisa May Alcott
ISBN : 9788892516137
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 65. 88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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"Christmas won't be Christmas without any presents," grumbled Jo, lying on the rug. "It's so dreadful to be poor!" sighed Meg, looking down at her old dress. "I don't think it's fair for some girls to have plenty of pretty things, and other girls nothing at all," added little Amy, with an injured sniff. "We've got Father and Mother, and each other," said Beth contentedly from her corner. The four young faces on which the firelight shone brightened at the cheerful words, but darkened again as Jo said sadly, "We haven't got Father, and shall not have him for a long time." She didn't say "perhaps never," but each silently added it, thinking of Father far away, where the fighting was.

Not In The Script

Author : Amy Finnegan
ISBN : 9781619633971
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 28. 62 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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"There's something about Emma's co-star on her new TV show Coyote Hills that is irresistible. But she's sworn off on-set relationships. They always end badly--don't they?"--

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