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Close Reach

Author : Jonathan Moore
ISBN : 9780553390940
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 46. 90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In a riveting tale of suspense and terror on the high seas, Bram Stoker Award nominee Jonathan Moore pits human beings against nature—and something far deadlier: one another. Kelly Pratihari-Reid and her husband sail their yacht into Antarctic waters, thinking their gravest concerns will be ice and storms—and their cracked marriage. A British girl shrieking across a short-range VHF frequency ends that illusion. It’s coming, she screams. It saw us and it’s coming back! Her voice is drowned by a tide of signal-jamming static, and Kelly sees a target on the radar screen: A ship is coming for them. Thus begins an unforgettable cat-and-mouse game across stormy polar seas and dire landfalls. Kelly’s pursuers will test her to the limits of her endurance—and beyond. For the ship in her wake is crewed by pirates, with a young leader trained to use the most sadistic tortures in pursuit of his ultimate objective . . . a goal as shocking as it is horrific. Praise for Close Reach “This is the kind of horror that will make your heart race.”— “Mind-blowing . . . I started reading it and didn’t stop till I finished.”—Cabin Goddess “A visceral edge-of-the-seat roller coaster ride.”—The Novel Pursuit “A book that will appeal to sailing enthusiasts, horror enthusiasts or both!”—To Read or Not to Read Is Not a Question “Pure adrenaline . . . definitely recommended for fans of dark thrillers.”—Pamelibrarian “Set on the icy polar seas, bristling with suspense, Jonathan Moore’s Close Reach is as horrifying and claustrophobic as any haunted house story. The plot pitches and yaws with twist after twist, and by midpoint the reader is a goner. Leave the lights on, lock the doors, feed the cats, this is an irresistible page-turner of the first order. Highly recommended!”—Jay Bonansinga, New York Times bestselling co-author of The Walking Dead: Fall of the Governor, Part Two and author of The Sinking of the Eastland “Readers will need their sea legs for this hugely enjoyable, roller-coaster voyage of a novel. Close Reach is a brutal tale of redemption and revenge with a heroine to root for at every shocking twist and turn. Jonathan Moore’s writing is as rich as it is raw and thrilling—and storms along at a breakneck pace that will leave you gasping for air.”—Frazer Lee, Bram Stoker Award–nominated author of The Lamplighters, Panic Button, and The Jack in the Green

The Journals Of Constant Waterman

Author : Matthew Goldman
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 41. 78 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Boats and life This is an unforgettable collection of ninety short tales about the boating Matthew Goldman has done in his life—in sailboats, canoes, rowboats, and other floating craft. All these memoirs deal with the water—from the puddle to the sea. They wander, as reflective as a sandy-bottomed brook. They linger, as wistful as an idle boat in summer. They revel, as jubilant as broaching porpoises. Who will want to read about Constant Waterman? Anyone who’s ever paused to watch a water strider; anyone who’s ever stood and listened to the sea; anyone who leans when they see a sloop heel; anyone who hopes to find a message in a bottle. Here is that message. Unfold it carefully, read it aloud. Read about boats; read about passages; read about islands; read about the rain. Learn about a murder in the woods by the river; learn about restoring a wooden boat. Hear about sailors, boat builders, ferrymen; hear about canoeing amid the marshes. The best part about it? You don’t have to spend your time sanding and varnishing. You don’t need to don any foul weather gear. You don’t need to know a bowline from a boom vang, or know how to pole a canoe. Here is the world of Constant Waterman: wry, introspective, intimate, impassioned. Turn another page. You may find a lighthouse, you may find a swan. You’ll hear the hoarse cadence of the sea grinding shingle, the wrinkling song of a stream through the forest, the complaint of the wind in your standing rigging. Listen. *Includes 50 beautiful pen-and-ink drawings by the author. *

Little Boat Big Ocean

Author : Alan Rush
ISBN : 9781907652462
Genre : Ocean travel
File Size : 39. 45 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This is the true account of a young man's journey, sailing his 21 foot, wooden boat single-handed over 7,000 miles. Over a period of seven years, he set off from British Columbia in the spring of 1979 and sailed first to San Francisco, then the Hawaiian Islands and on to a remote Pacific coral atoll called Fanning Island. It was here that he was offered the position of Relief Manager of a coconut plantation for a few months and ended up staying for six years. The book is part sailing log and part travelogue and expertly describes the conditions he endured, the power of the elements and his experience of living and working thousands of miles from home.


Author : Tristan Jones
ISBN : 0924486899
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 86. 17 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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When the Royal Navy discharged Tristan Jones and told him he was physically unfit for seafaring, he got hold of a small craft, converted it to a cruising ketch, and kicked away from shore. Determined to sail farther north than anyone else, he set out from Iceland accompanied only by his dog, Nelson. For two winters he endured constant danger in bleak polar regions. He survived violent snowstorms, a ravenous polar bear, and getting stranded on an ice pack in the Arctic Ocean, all while grappling with loneliness, despair, and dwindling supplies. Then the ice shifted, crushing his boat like a matchbox, and he came face-to-face with cold oblivion...

The Illustrated Boat Dictionary In 9 Languages

Author : Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN : 9781472906878
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 72. 36 MB
Format : PDF
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The Illustrated Boat Dictionary in 9 Languages is a first - annotated illustrations arranged by topic allow quick communication when something goes wrong abroad. Centred around clear, full colour, annotated diagrams in each subject area, the dictionary makes it easy and convenient to translate between nine languages (English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Portuguese and Greek). The diagrams can easily be used to show someone what is meant (or what is broken!) without having to worry about the language barrier. And it also facilitates learning new words in each language with this helpful visual reference. From general terms such as 'port' and 'starboard' to technical words relating to engine and rigging repair and maintenance, The Illustrated Boat Dictionary in 9 Languages is amazingly comprehensive, and even includes supplementary terms for many topics even when they don't feature in the illustrations. Topics include: sailing terms, parts of a boat, boat maintenance and repair, navigation, weather, seamanship, requesting help, medical emergencies, safety equipment, numbers and time.

Beyond The Blue Horizon

Author : Brian Fagan
ISBN : 9781608193851
Genre : History
File Size : 69. 18 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In Beyond the Blue Horizon, bestselling science historian Brian Fagan tackles his richest topic yet: the enduring mystery of the oceans, the planet's most forbidding terrain.This is not a tale of Columbus or Hudson, but of much earlier mariners. From the moment when ancient Polynesians first dared to sail beyond the horizon, Fagan vividly explains how our mastery of the oceans has changed history, even before history was written. Beyond the Blue Horizon delves into the very beginnings of humanity's long and intimate relationship with the sea. It willl enthrall readers who enjoyed Longitude, Simon Winchester's Atlantic, or in its scope and its insightful linking of technology and culture, Guns, Germs, and Steel. What drove humans to risk their lives on open water? How did early sailors unlock the secrets of winds, tides, and the stars they steered by? What were the earliest ocean crossings like? With compelling detail, Brian Fagan reveals how seafaring evolved so that the vast realms of the sea gods were transformed from barriers into highways that hummed with commerce. Indeed, for most of human history, oceans have been the most vital connectors of far-flung societies. From bamboo rafts in the Java Sea to the caravels of the Age of Discovery, from Easter Island to Crete, Brian Fagan crafts a captivating narrative of humanity's urge to seek out distant shores, of the daring men and women who did so, and of the mark they have left on civilization.

Soul Dreamer

Author : Sherrie Burt
ISBN : 9781483623641
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 71. 67 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Prince and Luscious have dreamed about each other every since they were kids, so when Prince finds Luscious left for dead in a field he knows he has to turn her into a vampire or he’ll lose herforever. What he didn’t realize, is that by making her a vampire he puts her into great danger. Now he has to use his vampire skills and powers to protect her from a vampire who want to take over the vampire community and have Luscious rule by his side.

The Complete Idiot S Guide To Sailing

Author : Diane Selkirk
ISBN : 9781615643257
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 48. 16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The idea of learning to sail excites the imagination with fantasies of a carefree, simple way to relax. But in reality, a lot of work goes into mastering the technical aspects of sailing and learning how to get from one place to another without ending up in the water. Other sailing books go into more detail than the casual learner wants or needs. The Complete Idiot's Guide® to Sailing gives readers just what they need to know to get started and enjoy their time on the water. In it, readers get: - A primer on the different types of sailboats and tips for buying or renting - Detailed descriptions of the parts and controls of a sailboat - The roles and jobs of sailor and crew - How to get the boat into the water (if it isn't already) - The mechanics of sailing - Departing, anchoring, and docking - Handling, navigating, and weather - Sailing safety and emergency preparedness - The rules of the sailing road - Backup plans: engines and oars - Storing, hauling, and maintaining a sailboat

Niv Essentials Study Bible Ebook

Author : Zondervan,
ISBN : 9780310430216
Genre : Bibles
File Size : 65. 13 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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"Looking for the ultimate study Bible? The NIV Essentials Study Bible combines the best features of our six most popular Bibles. It’s designed to help you easily understand and interpret God’s Word, then apply it to your life. This Bible includes great study tools to help you unpack and discover Scripture. Features such as Q&A, detailed in-text study notes, timelines, photos and charts answer your questions, while helpful devotional insights shed new light on familiar passages. Biblical character profiles help you get to know the people of the Bible on a deeper level. Helpful notes are structured into a variety of “lenses” that shine a unique light on Scripture. As you study, you’ll find the ones that best speak to your heart, mind, and spirit. These unique lenses offer different approaches to studying God’s word. - Flyover Lens: Start each book with the big picture. These easy-to-read introductions from the popular Essential Bible Companion help you start each book with a general understanding of the context. - Unpack Lens: Looking for help understanding and interpreting Bible passages? These study notes from the well-loved NIV Study Bible offer valuable insight into the context and meaning behind the words. - Dig Deep, Look Close Lens: Articles and photos from the NIV Archaeological Study Bible bring Bible times to life. Go back in time with fascinating historical and archaeological discoveries. - Q & A Lens: Tackle your tough questions with thoughtful excerpts from the beloved NIV Quest Study Bible. Questioning is an important part of learning. - People Lens: You’ve heard the names before, but what do you really know about the characters within the pages of the Bible? Excerpts from the popular NIV Student Bible introduce you to 100 significant people in the Bible. - Guided Tour Lens: Helpful excerpts from the NIV Student Bible give context and explanation along the way. - Insight Lens: Notes from the NIV Student Bible point out interesting facts and shed light on verses you might have questions about. - Reflect and Respond Lens: These excerpts from the award-winning Great Rescue NIV Bible will help recap what you’ve read. Take a moment to reflect and digest each section as you walk through the sweeping narrative of the Bible. Tailor your journey through Scripture to the way you study best with the NIV Essentials Study Bible. It’s like six awesome resources in one. Order your copy today and take your study to the next level. This Bible offers a biblical perspective on the following topics: Angels, Creation, Evangelism, Ecology, Faith, Eternal Life, Church, Family, Forgiveness, God's love, God's will, Growing with God, Guilt, Holy Spirit, Idolatry, Immigration, Jesus’ life, Jesus’ miracles, Jesus’ fulfillment of prophecy, Judgment, Leadership, Marriage, Miracles, Money, Pagan gods, Parenting, Poverty, Prayer, Prophecy, Reliability of Scripture, Satan, Sanctification, Suffering, Temple, Warfare, Wealth, Women, YHWH, and more."

Sailing Seamanship And Yacht Construction

Author : Uffa Fox
ISBN : 9780486149035
Genre : Transportation
File Size : 73. 2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Packed with information, ideas, and more than 300 excellent illustrations, this classic of the genre was written by the father of modern planing sailboats. Most of text focuses on individual vessels.

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